Thursday, September 17, 2009

30 Days of Creativity in September (Days 7 & 17)

This scarf is giving me fits! I started it just fine on Labor Day then I tried to knit & purl the first black rows. Apparently, I've forgotten how to purl. Again. (sigh) So I pulled that mess out and tried to just knit the first black rows and messed that up. Pulled them out & tried again. Did alright and put it down. Tonight I discovered I'd dropped a stitch and had to add one back in, so I pulled some rows out to do that. I haven't knit anything since March or April but I've gone for stretches of the same before and haven't had this much trouble starting again! But I'll keep at it off & on until it's done.


teri said...

Knit and purl are code words for tangle and knot. I'm convinced of this because every time I pick up knitting needles that's what I get.

It looks like, for some reason, you are getting a different outcome...

Lisa said...

Yep--now I remember why I never took up knitting!

Jo said...

LOL Teri! After more work than when I first taught myself to knit I'm getting a different outcome.

Lisa, I love it and have no idea why I've had so much trouble this go around.

A Dancing Mango said...

My deary thank you for visiting my blog! Your comment is precious to me.
I have been at your blog for the past ten minutes reading your stories.. !
First I would like to say, you are an Angel in disguise. Perhaps you don't even like that thought, but TRUE.. God Keep YOU here for a reason.. and I have cried sitting here reading that horrendous story about Sept. 11.
I can't even imagine .. I just can't imagine how you feel.
I can only say these words.. OMG.. and Thank you LORD..
YOU are a blessing to us.. and your writing skills are wonderful.
Keep up the creative work.
I also sorry about your past losses. I have lost a brother on the street cold kill, to have his leather jacket taken from him.
OMG.. He was my older brother and the pain remains as I keep really wondering where he is.. I see his smiles, hear his music and listen to his laughs in my mind..
Sorry for rambling...
You are a special woman.. sigh*
Hugs, Darlene xo

Jo said...

Thank you so much Darlene! You're wonderfully sweet words have me all sorts of choked up! Thank you thank you thank you! (This is why I love the blogging world!) And I am so so very sorry for your loss too.

Love & hugs, Jo