Friday, September 25, 2009

30 Days of Creativity in September (Days 24 & 25) AKA Post # 1000!

(Losing Focus, pictured above)

(Bird Watching, pictured above)

Ladies & Gentlemen, Post # 1000!!!


Lisa said...

I love driving at night shots!

Cindy said...

Cool pictures! In the car....did you set the camera to do different colors?
Bird watching; sounds relaxing! Abby (our dog) chases the birds that fly over our back yard. Sounds kooky and is kinda...she runs back and forth, back and forth looking in the air. Thankfully she hasn't ran into the concrete fence yet! ha

Jo said...

Thanks Lisa!

Cindy, I took these while Vic & I were driving home the other night in his pick up truck, not our suv, and I was getting so annoyed because that damn pickup bounces around so much, LOL! I didn't have the camera on any particular setting, auto I think, and that's just how they came out. I wasn't bird watching per say, I heard the Cardinal while I was in the kitchen, grabbed my camera and quietly went outside to see if I could get a pic. He kept moving around so this was the best I could do, then I just over saturated the color because it's not a great pic. The other little one was just making so much noise I decided to take a pic of it!

Our cat Ceasar loves to run back & forth like that all the time, usually chasing bugs though! He's come sort of close to a bird and nearly got a mouse the other day - scared the hell out of it by jumping on it. It ran off, cursing him a blue streak! lol