Saturday, September 05, 2009

Another Check Off The List

Taken from the Dingman's Ferry Bridge this morning before the fog lifted and Kittatinny Canoe Rentals drove us to River Beach in Milford PA so we could canoe on the Delaware River back to the bridge. (I took some other photo's with my camera, this is from my cell which I left in the truck).

Such a gorgeous day! Bascially perfect weather and no recent rain so the river was very calm. I was a little nervous & skeptical at first. I haven't been canoeing since grade school summer camp and that was just in a large pond and when I have to get up at the crack of dawn to do anything, it takes some convincing before I think it's worth it!

We canoed a total of 11 miles which took us roughly 4 1/2 hours with 2 breaks. We packed a cooler w/drinks, snacks and sandwhiches for lunch. It was so peaceful and relaxing! Such a nice time together.

We were beat when we got back home (not apt. home, up north home) and I ended up taking a 2 1/2 hour nap! Vic read & dozed. I zonked out. He woke me so we could head to the local American Legion for dinner - I never thought a meatloaf dinner could be orgasmically good until this evening. The best meatloaf Ever. EVER!

Now we're reading, listening to country music on the radio and the Cicada's grumpy chatter in the trees, the full moon shining in our bedroom window.


Cindy said...

Reading about your canoeing trip makes me think about my canoeing trip with my best friend gosh it's probably been 12-13 years ago now! There is a park in IN called Turkey Run and you can canoe down the creek/river. I should post about our fun trip; it would be funny but would probably give me the melancholy blues!
Thanks for sharing your 'good times'!!
Really enjoy reading about your days!

teri said...

Amazing how extra good food is when we're hungry and rested, isn't it? Your trip sounds like good, old-fashioned fun!

Holli said...

I'm very glad you are having a wonderful time...enjoy yourselves and the weekend :)

Brenda said...

Now, when I hear the cicadas and the crickets outside making their sweet music, I think it is the call for love. An attempt to get another's attention. A call that says "look at me, I need to be loved, so that my existence is not for naught, and we can continue to procreate and each summer bring the sweet music back to remind our human friends that another season is ending and that they better relish it and enjoy it."

Although when I see a cicada in my house, I become grumpy because those critters are scary looking!

That's why I love hearing them outside because I know they are in their proper place.

Great weekend and perfect weather for enjoying the outdoors, Jo

Lisa said...

What a great day! You know you worked hard when meatloaf is "orgasmic!"

Jo said...

Thanks Cindy!

Teri and Lisa, it wasn't the canoeing that made that meatloaf dinner so good - it was just that amazing! Both Vic and I love our Mom's meatloaf's and argue as to which is better ~ we like this meatloaf better than either of our Mom's! (Sssshhhhh!)

Thanks Brenda! (Cute little Cicada anecdote!)

Meg said...

Looks like a wonderful time. The pictures are beautiful. Nice way to spend a long weekend.

Jo said...

Thanks Meg, it was. I hope you're still doing better!