Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Autumn (2009)!

With the arrival of my favorite season has come a wave of wilting humidity which led me to forget to wish you all a Happy first day of Autumn! (The air conditioning has been on since yesterday and most likely won't be off again until Saturday at this rate). I wouldn't call this a bout of Indian Summer because the temp's aren't high, just the humidity is. I finally dragged up 2 boxes of Autumn & Halloween decorations from the basement yesterday and hope to start getting that stuff out today. Vic and I took out time this morning with getting up and breakfast so neither of us really starting moving until nearly noon! Now it's off to do more laundry and bring up the outdoor Halloween decorations.

It's just so hard getting into a particular season or holiday spirit when you're breaking a sweat standing still!


Cindy said...

It's finally nice enough here to sit out on the patio in the mornings; I think it was like 70 first thing. What a relief! Good luck with your decorations!!

Lisa said...

Whereas here it's just chilly mornings and evenings. Feels very much like fall. Think I will head off to get apples this weekend.

Tammy said...

It was hot here today too! YUK! I can't wait for some crisp days to show up soon.

Jo said...

Thanks Cindy! Hope the "cool" weather sticks around out by you!

Lisa & Tammy, it's been fall like until the past 3 days with the Nasty humidity. Today is Glorious! A perfect Autumn day!