Thursday, September 10, 2009

Honoring September 11th

What I do is perhaps small
but it's what I can do
and I feel I must do something,
to let those lost know
I will Not forget.

So I've changed my blog background
and tomorrow
will light candles on the mantle,
watch the Memorial ceremonies,
go to see the beams of light in the Towers' footprints.

A day filled with
and thanks.

I was supposed to be
on the 78th floor
World Trade Center Tower 2
that morning.

I was at home,
safe in my living room.

Where were you
when the world stopped turning?

1 comment:

Kalanna said...

I was at a playgroup that I took the kids to every week. Someone came in to tell someone, word spread and I immediately went home to turn on the tv.

After I could move again, I phoned my husband at work. We were supposed to be holding a birthday party for him at lunch in an hour as his birthday is the 12th. We went ahead as it was all ready, we needed to be together, but it was the strangest day.