Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Something Old Something New, My ABC's

Some of this you know, some you don't. (I was tagged by Sarah over at Sarah Says ~ see my CoL BlogRoll on the left).

Available or married?
Best Friend?
Kathy, Brenda, Michelle, Chicks!
Cake or Pie?
Both, prefer cake.
Drink of choice?
AZ Iced Tea (weening myself off), Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer (with ice), Celestial Seasonings Decaf Green Tea
Essential item for every day use?
Uh... my cell
Favorite color?
Oranges, pinks, barn red
The town I was born in isn't my hometown. I felt M, NJ was my hometown after having lived there for 12 years. Then we moved here. Now I'm unsure.
Books, yarn, Artful Blogging and Where Women Create magazines, Halloween & Autumn decorations, candles, flowers for my gardens
January or February?
Kids and their names?
One, daughter, Brianna
Life is incomplete without?
Creativity and inspiration
Marriage date?
8/21/04, 5/16/05, 5/25/05 (last time was legal)
Number of siblings?
Oranges or apples?
Apples (allergic to oranges)
Phobias and fears?
Heights, trying to have another child, becoming immune to my meds (again)
Quote for the day?
Live your passions
Reason to smile?
Seeing the leaves begin to turn.
Autumn above all, Winter next.
Tag 3 people?
You, you and you!
Unknown fact about me?
I've worked for financial institutions on Wall Street, Avenue of the America's and at The World Trade Center prior to September 11th.
Vegetable you hate?
Brussel sprouts
Worst habit?
Quick to get angry & defensive and take things personally
X-rays you’ve had?
Teeth, knees, right elbow, ribs, spine, lower back
Your fave food?
Fresh made not processed.
Pick one?
Zodiac sign?
Gemini or Tarus, depending on the horoscope.

PS~ My 30 days of Creativity in September will be posted soon, up through what ever day I finally get the chance to post them all!


Brenda said...

I think you may be the first person I know allergic to oranges. I agree with worse habit. I am quick to get angry, but I also try to be quick to get over it.

Lisa said...

Okay the married dates have me intrigued!

Tammy said...

Thx for stopping by my blog! We have something else in common besides a love of autumn and Halloween---I have rheumatoid arthritis! Not the same but in the same family as PA. I take Remicade infusions every couple months. I hope you have something that helps you! I'll be back to your blog for sure!

Jo said...

I have Remicade iv's now every 6 weeks! (Well, 10/1 is my first every 6 weeks, I've been at every 8 weeks since last year). And actually PA is a rheumatoid type arthritis just classified differently.