Thursday, September 03, 2009

What's That Sound...?

It's peace and quiet. Birds & bugs. No tenants screaming at us & one another because other tenants and just people on our street in general have the nerve to park on the (public) road in front of their apartments so they have to park else where and walk an extra 200 yards to their front doors. (Last night was Fun). I swear some of them are just plain Nut Jobs but they're officially another RM's problem through Labor Day! YAY!

Today we're at 'home away from home' just relaxing. Tomorrow it's canoeing on the Deleware. Saturday it's a trip to the Farmer's Market and the yarn shop, then home to refuel the kitties followed by whatever suits our fancy through Monday.

I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


M.J. said...

Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned--enjoy!

Lit and Life said...

Sounds lovely! I'm going to spend the weekend fumigating my home since I've had sick kids for the past two days. Off to the doctor tomorrow to see if it's H1N1.

Cindy said...

Oh Jo I hope you have a fantabulous Labor Day weekend too! Some people are just nut jobs aren't they? Glad that it's not us.... :)
Hopefully you will have a note-card waiting for you when you get home from your cabin!

Jo said...

Got your note card Cindy! Thank you!

We did enjoy the weekend! Thanks everyone! (Sad we're home already).