Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 More Days Until Halloween! (Dont forget to enter to win The Widow's of Eastwick by Midnight est tonight!)

Share with us:
~How many Jack-O-Lanterns you're carving this year
~What you dressed up as on Halloween last year

Again, I'll go first:

This year I'll carve at least 2 medium or large pumpkins, one for the front porch and 1 for the back patio. Most likely I'll carve a couple of smaller ones and make tea light holders out of some Jack-Be-Little's for the front window sills outside. I'll also carve at least one turnip, as my ancestors in Ireland & England did so many centuries ago (before they brought that tradition to America and we turned it into carving pumpkins).

My profile pic here (in the left hand column) gives a hint of what I dressed as last year. Was I a Witch, a Gypsy or a Goddess...? On Halloween, you can be anything you want to be!

Time is running out!
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Brenda said...

I think you were a gypsy witch!

Jo said...

Nope! Good guess though!

Lisa said...

Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac?!

We're carving two pumpkins--one that my husband will carve the traditional face in and one that my daughter will porbably screw up! Actually my son wanted to paint it but didn't get around to get the Gesso on it yet so there won't be time.

Tammy said...

We're carving probably 10 real pumpkins this year, and I have about 15 clay pumpkins as well. For costume, I usually always go as (what else?) a witch! I love that costume, and wish I could wear it all year round. :) Have yourself an awesome Halloween Jo! Enjoy!

Jo said...

LOL Lisa, but no!

Witch, Gypsy or Goddess...

Thanks Tammy! You have a wonderful Halloween too!