Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3 More Days 'Til Halloween

Where has this month, this year, gone?!

Time for a little Countdown to Halloween fun!

Share with us:
~Your favorite scary movie
~Your favorite scary novel or short story
~Whether or not you've ever had a ghostly/paranormal encounter.

I'll go first:

~Hands down my favorite scary movie is the original John Carpenter's Halloween. (The original John Carpenter's The Fog is a very close second).

~I don't really have a favorite scary novel, but my favorite scary short story is "All Souls" by Edith Wharton. (I Highly recommend it!)

~I do believe I've had some sort of ghostly/paranormal experiences in the past.

Most recent was during our visit to Salem Mass last October. Sounds like such a cliché, I know! I wasn't expecting anything to happen, especially with the overall campy atmosphere in Salem during Halloween. Our last stop before heading back to Ayers Mass was what's been dubbed as "The Witch House," the home of Witch Trial Judge Judge Corwin and the last structure in present day Salem from 1692.

During our "self guided tour," I was drawn to the Huge hearth in what was the kitchen/dining area of the home, more specifically to the small black door at the very back of the hearth (where the ashes would have been pushed through into the chimney). My eyes kept going back to that door. So I took a picture and started to move on.

Then, in my mind & not aloud, I heard the oddest over enunciating & dramatic male-ish voice I've ever heard say,"This house is haunted!"

Immediately I said to myself, "Oh you have got to be kidding!"

I was tired at this point and not in the mood!

Again I heard, "This house is haunted!"

So I replied (in my mind not aloud, lol!), "And what would you like me to do about it?!"

"This house is haunted!"

"There's nothing I can do to help you. You know who you have to seek for atonement."

The voice was gone.


Sherry Dale Rogers said...

Well first off I must say Halloween is my favorite Holiday.

I am a big fan of Tim Burton, as my house is G rated, so that is about as scary as it gets.

I did really like the movie "Ghost Ship"

And oh, yes, I have had plenty of paranomal experiences. I could right a book alone on just that.

My aunt visited me one week before my grandmother died and said, "Momma" and looked at me. My grandmother was her mother and I knew she had come back to get her.

The Frog Queen said...

Thanks for story about the haunted house. Creepy.

My favorite, wow, that is hard to say...depends on my mood. But I just watched Juon again, and I have to say that I really love the Japanese horror films.

Clive Barker is my favorite author and The Damnation Game remains one of my favorites. I am also a huge fan of HP Lovecraft, his horror fiction is some of my favorite works.

No paranormal....I have been on every ghost tour in Edinburgh Scotland at least a dozen times...been to (Grayfriar's Kirk) MacKenzies tomb more times that I should admit...nothing.

I do love listening to the tour guides and the collective group of us all being scared at the same time. One of my favorite things to do.