Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dear Moon, My Apologies

I am a little more than displeased, to say the very least, that NASA launched a rocket at our Moon yesterday with the intention to crash it into her surface to cause debris to be scattered, just on the off chance there's water somewhere in that debris, which they think means that Perhaps life could be sustained there.

What could the affects of this rocket crash be
on our Moon, the atmosphere and therefore on us?
They Don't Know.

We're killing our Earth as it is!
Leave Our Moon Alone!


Brenda said...

I wondered why they were doing it. Seems like a silly reason to me. Clean up the Earth if you have nothing to do, NASA!

Sherry Dale Rogers said...

OMG, what are they thinking. Don't they know thay 2012 is around the corner and this could be the very thing that could cause horrible events. Cause and Effect people, will they ever learn...let me answer that...No. I am very unhappy at this event.

Sarah said...

Well said!

Jo said...

Brenda, I agree!

Sherry, the few always ruin it for the many. Will anything to do with government ever learn? Definitely not!

Thanks Sarah!

Blakelyn said...

I hadn't thought of this, but you are exactly right. Who knows what they could be messing with out there.

teri said...

It's all a clever ploy. Really, they had Paul Newman's body in that rocket and were giving him the space shot they promised him. :-)

Jo said...

Thanks Blakelyn!

Jo said...

Teri, if only they had just come right out and said that, I would've had no problem with it! LOL ;~)