Friday, October 09, 2009

Final Friday Thoughts

Chris Rock said the following while on Oprah this afternoon:

"Secrets rot the soul.
Secrets Rot The Soul."

How true.
Simply stated yet Powerful.
Stopped me right there.

Brunonia Barry states in an interview on her website for her novel "The Lace Reader" ( ) that a theme of the novel is :

"You have to go back to go forward."

Brunonia returned to Salem MA to live and her book is set in Salem MA.
Her character Towner must return to her own beginnings, in Salem and in her life where things went so wrong, in order to move forward and begin to truly heal.



Lisa said...

Who knew that Chris Rock was so smart?

I don't agree, however, with Brunonia Barry. Sometimes going back is just going backwards.

Jo said...

I personally love Chris Rock!

I agree with Brunonia and I disagree. In the case of her novel The Lace Reader, I agree with her. If you don't deal with and accept certain things that have happened to you & the feelings that occur as a result, no matter how horrible they are, they will haunt you and affect you every minute of every day until you do & you will destroy yourself. (Like Chris Rock said, "Secrets rot the soul.")

I also think this applies to real life situations as well. I guess that refers to "making peace" with certain people, places and events. Forgiving so you can move on.

However, if you're constantly going back to certain decisions you've made, obsessing over them and filling yourself with regrets and "what if's?" then I think in cases like this, going back isn't productive for a person at all.