Friday, October 02, 2009

Today is a Me day

As if I have a choice the day after an iv anyway! I'm exhausted after yesterday's treatment, so today I'm camping out on the couch to do a little reading, knitting, watching tv or a movie... Or I'll just go back to sleep!

I normall have to be careful for a few days after an iv when it comes to being out & about - it runs me down a little and I can easily pick up a bug, but yesterday my nurse told me to be careful in crowds & avoid them especially for the next few days but as much as possible overall during this flu season & to be extra careful in general. Great. As if I didn't already have that worry in the back of my mind!

Because of my history with flu vaccines, my doctors have recommend I Not get flu shots which is fine with me. My chances of getting the flu without the shot are minimal - with the shot it's guaranteed. The only times I've had the flu was immediately after getting the flu shot. The last time I had the flu? The last time I had the flu shot. Even though it's not a "live" vaccine, it & my immune system do Not get along.

Don't listen cart blanche to the news when they tell you that All children, people with compromised immune systems and elderly should get a flu shot - discuss it at length with your doctor(s) & make your own decision.

And no, I won't be getting a swine flu shot either (because of my history). In fact, my doctors are all uncomfortable recommending it to anyone because they don't feel there's been enough testing to verify that its' safe, especially in pregnant women & people with health complications. That says A Lot to me, regardless of my being a candidate for the swine flu shot or not.

And please, I'm not posting any of this to start a debate on flu/swine flu shots & whether or not to get them! We can agree to disagree if need be & leave it at that. (Much appreciated).


Cindy said...

Take it easy and have a relaxing day!

Jo said...

Thanks Cindy! I'm trying! Of course, I had Vic help me put out the outdoor Halloween dec's late this morning... But I've been on my arse since!

Brenda said...

I am with you about the flu shots. My husband had one in the army and it knocked him on his butt. He remembers it to be the swine flu shot.

Hope you are taking it easy and enjoying the day.

AwtemNymf said...

I don't get these shots either. I take echinachea to boost my immune system and so far so good *knocks on wood - my broom)
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