Saturday, November 21, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 21

Today I am thankful for quiet. It's quiet inside. It's quiet outside. Aaaahhhh...


Lisa said...

Love the new header!

When my kids were little, I lived for quiet moments. Now, even tho' they all still live at home, I think I'm starting to get an idea of what an empty nest will be like. And I'm not sure I'm going to like all of that quiet at all! I only like it for a couple of hours at a time right now; hopefully I'll get used to it when I have to.

Alisha said...

I love the quiet, and I'm often thankful for it! I have a girlfriend who can't stand silence and I feel for her. When we travel, the TV is on constantly when we are in the hotel room, and the radio is always playing in car. It's ok for a while, but soon, it starts driving me up the wall.

Some of my favorite moments in life are when I'm feeling stressed, nervous, upset or even scared...and I remember to take a moment to breathe. The moment I can hear my breath and feel my heartbeat regulate with each rise and fall of my chest reminds me that I am ALIVE and life is what you make it.

Jo said...

Thanks Lisa! It's very cute, isn't it?

(((HUGS))) to you! You'll be fine with your empty nesting, I just have a feeling!

Alisha, my husband is sometimes like that, he's always got to have something going on in the background. Right now, everything is off and all I can hear is the wind blowing dried leaves around outside and the noises from our computer. He'll come in and turn the tv on to the country music channel in no time if he comes home to this, lol!

There's so much noise where we live (off a major highway, across the bay from 3 airports, obnoxious tenants) and even noise in my brain with all of my rambling thoughts, that it's So Nice to be able to just sit in the quiet and be silent for a while.