Wednesday, November 25, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 25

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I don't know why, but I love this day. I'm always excited, doing errands in the morning, home cooking & baking throughout the afternoon and evening. Today was no exception. I had re-runs of Roseanne Thanksgiving episodes on the TV (Oxygen Channel) with A Peanuts Christmas cd playing in the background. And I was a happy gal!

Late afternoon our road became a little bumpy when we found out that it looks as though B will be with us indefinitely as of this Saturday until she goes into assisted living instead of her returning to FL to temporarily live with family there. (This makes it Extremely difficult to get her into assisted living in FL as she would like to do - common sense does not apparently run in Hubby's family aside from Hubby). My and his wife, who just kicked B out of their home last week, have deleted all of us (as in the Entire family) as friends on fb, won't answer their phones and are in Hawaii on vacation. I honestly haven't the foggiest idea how we are going to handle this or get through this. One step at a time I guess.

Last but not least,
today I am Thankful for
my wonderful Husband, my dear Friends and Fellow Bloggers, my side of the family, my, my IV treatment nurse, our home, the kitties, being excited for the holidays getting under way
for the delicious scents coming from the kitchen.

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BookGirl78 said...

Awe what a wonderful post Jo. :) I'm sure you'll figure out how to work everything when your sis-in-law comes.
Hope you're having a wonderful day. :)