Sunday, November 29, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 28

Yes, I know it's day 29. Yesterday was a very long day & not one spent at home. I am so flippin' tired this morning I can barely function. My 69 year old Mom, who was with us all day yesterday, is doing better this morning than I am and that was her first all day outting in Years. Says a lot about me, doesn't it?

Anyhoo, when I can remember my name (and after we return from a trip to Kohl's), I'll post about yesterday. In brief: has arrived.

What I was thankful for yesterday was getting my Mom out for the day, showing her a little bit of Philly (where she's never been) and having a great day with her (and Hubby and and for having the chance to just spend some time in Philly, which we haven't been able to do since March. And for our lunch in Philly. I don't remember the name of the old pizzeria we went to (I know exactly where it is though), but the food was Incredible and cost less for 4 people for lunch than it did for 3 people for breakfast in NJ. (Best meatball Stromboli ever!)

I love Philly.

But y'all know that by now. And thanks to The City of Brotherly Love, I now have an ornament for our tree that says I heart Philly. Gotta love it!

Christmas arrives in 26 days.
Oh Good Grief.


Cindy said...

I'm with ya on the Christmas arriving in 26 days!! Oh double good grief!!
Glad everything worked out yesterday!

Brenda said...

Hey Jo,
I love Philly too. Where did you go? I might know it!

Keep up your positive spirit. You will get through it.

Jo said...

Thanks Cindy!

Thank you Brenda! I could find that restaurant tomorrow but I have no idea what the name is & I'm not even sure of the street name, lol!!!