Monday, November 30, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 30

Taken Saturday, 11/28/09, in Philly PA.
(Outside the Lights of Liberty Museum near Independence Plaza)

Today I am thankful for making the point of spending a few moments each day of this month to think of & appreciate what I have in my life. (I normally do this in my journal and not every day though I do try). I hope my sharing this each day with you has inspired you to reflect in a similar way on your own lives!

And now for something completely different: Saturday, after picking up from Philly International, we headed down towards the Independence Hall area of town and ended up at a little old pizzeria for lunch (as I mentioned previously). The line to get in to see the Liberty Bell was very long so I took Mom and Sis to view it from the outside, then we stopped in a souvenir shop to pick up a few goodies before heading home.

Shortly thereafter, we ended up in a huge, slow crawling backup on the NJ Turnpike. Never fails - returning from PA we always hit massive traffic within minutes of being back in NJ. There was a Nasty tractor trailer accident on the southbound side - of course it caused bottle necking on the northbound side since everyone had to slow to gawk. Plus there were delays at our exit as well, so as soon as we were able, we got off the turnpike (where we encountered Long lines to get through the tolls thanks to the mass exodus off the turnpike). Thanks goodness for GPS. We took an extended scenic route home (and of course ran into more backups because of mall traffic!) and ended up home about 7:30pm. Whew! And there ya have my Saturday update, lol!

Happy last day of November everyone!


flowergardengirl said...

Well what music was on the radio or Ipod? Did you make good conversation? What was everybody wearing? If I was gonna make that trip and knew I was gonna get stuck in traffic, I'd make brownies or get fudge at the gift shop so we could be naughty at least.

Did you make fun of the people in the other cars and tell stories about them. I do. I entertain Mr D by making up stories about the people who aggravate me the most causing the bottle necking.

So too bad you weren't in the car with me ;) Or maybe I would have driven you nuts!

Jo said...

LOL!!! It's been a very stressful time for myself and my husband (I've gone into it in previous posts so I won't repeat here) and I've been exhausted & sick as a result, so details haven't been at the forefront of my thoughts as of late, lol! I did go into more detail in my post "30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 28."