Sunday, November 08, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 8

Today l am thankful I was well enough to be with our American Legion Post for the Veteran's Day Parade and that we had the opportunity to make our friend Chris's day by letting him ride in the truck with us as we drove our American Legion & Auxilliary Posts down the parade route. (He has Down Syndrome & has a special place in our Posts heart).

I'm plum exhausted. I hope everyone's had a great weekend!


Lora said...

of course you will be here when I'm not!


I'm headed to my hometown for Thanksgiving, which is all the way across Pennsylvania. When are you bringing her back? I should be home by the 30th.

Jo said...

Well, we were supposed to bring her back on 12/19 but it looks as though her stay will be extended. Long story.