Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Honey Roasted Tomato Brushetta with Ricotta Cheese

Once the tomato's have cooled (see previous post), transfer to a container with any juices from the pan & put in the fridge until ready to use. (They'll keep about a week). Toast up some garlic bread (in oven/toaster over at 400 degrees until crispy/browned) and then spread ricotta cheese on it. Now spoon the tomato's on top of the ricotta. Drizzle with some of the juices or more honey if you like then place fresh Basil leaves on top of the tomato's.

I am Very happy with how this turned out! Delicious! I was so excited and pleased with myself when I took the first bite from my fork.

I really liked using the garlic bread instead of the usual very hard/dry/crusty bread used with brushetta. (That was Hubby's suggestion when I phoned to ask him to pick me up a bag of the brushetta chips, as I call them, from our food store on his way home).

I have plenty for left overs for the next few days (makes a healthy snack as well as an appetizer) and I plan on making this again in the future, especially with the holidays coming.

If anyone makes this, I truly hope it turns out well and you enjoy it!


Brenda said...

Did you have tomatoes from the garden?
I don't think it will taste good unless the tomatoes are garden fresh. I hate the ones in the store, but it sounds yummy!

Kalanna said...

Jo, I'm drooling and it's 7am! i looooove bruschetta. I might make some of this to take over to friends this weekend. Thank you for saving my butt!

Jo said...

Brenda, I only had a couple of ones left from the last tomato's I pulled from the vines the week before last (See the tiny ones in the picture? Those are mine). The others were from the food store and it turned out very Delish! I wouldn't use overly ripe ones (which much of the store ones I went through were) because I think it would turn out too bitter but otherwise, store tomato's would be fine. (Do you have Whole Foods in Philly? Our Whole Foods usually has great local tomato's).

Lol Kalanna! You're welcome & hope it turns out great!

The Frog Queen said...

Definately trying this one. Thanks so much for sharing....just love dishes with tomaotes!!!


Lisa said...

Oh, I think I'm going to have to make this this weekend!

Jeanne said...

That looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing.

Jo said...

You're welcome everyone! I hope it turns out lovely if you happen to make it yourselves one day!