Sunday, November 22, 2009

Operation Comfort Warriors, 30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 22 and Toys For Tots

Operation Comfort Warriors is a program run by The American Legion "dedicated to meeting the non-medical needs of wounded Military personnel, providing them with comfort items not usually supplied by health care." (~ ).

"Thanks to the generosity of our American Legion friends and family members, we have purchased sweat suits, phone cards, DVDs, CDs, iPods, puzzles, books, video games, and other items for men and women who are recovering at military hospitals and warrior transition units. These items won't make all of these hero's "whole" again, but it does she them that we care and appreciate their sacrifice." (~Clarence E. Hill, National Commander, The American Legion, as stated in The American Legion The Magazine December 2009).

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Today I am not only thankful for the good feelings that arise from donating to Toys For Tots and the fact that a boy & girl will each have at least one great Christmas present anonymously from Hubby & myself, but I am thankful that the giving helps me to heal.

Toys For Tots is now accepting New and Unwrapped toys for Girls & Boys. Most any of your local American Legion and VFW Posts will have a Toys For Tots donation box set up inside where donations can be places. Walmart, Toys R Us and Babies R Us also have the same. Walmart and Walgreens have an extensive selection of toys for $10! For more information and to locate a donation drop off nearest to you, please go to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation site at

For ways to show your support for our Troops this Holiday Season, go to and/or


Lisa said...

I know that when my family adopts another family for the holidays I am getting as much out of it as they are. It always reminds me that no matter how tough things might be, I am very lucky to still have enough so that I can help.

Jo said...

That's wonderful Lisa! I try to do what I can if we can because I've been on the other end of things, needing help and I'd like to try to help others as a result.

My daughter would have turned 10 next month. Back to school time, Halloween and Christmas have been bitter sweet since losing her. I've found buying & donating to Toys for Tots and other toy drives for children helps me channel my grief into something positive and I was surprised at how much it's helped me to continue to heal & how much I look forward to it every year now.