Sunday, December 20, 2009

And Snow It Did!

Our official snowfall total according to the local news is 21". The snow drifts on the other hand and 3' & higher.

It was so beautiful last night. I wish the wind hadn't been so down-right nasty so I could have stayed on the porch and enjoyed the peace, quiet & tranquility. Just the few minutes I spent out there late last night soothed my soul & just about brought me to tears.

Snow is my Yoga.

And the tenants, oh how the tenants (of our apartment complex) are aflutter with complaints this morning! "What if I shovel my parking space out and someone takes it?" "When are you going to do something about the two feet of snow alongside my truck?" "Ya know, there's snow on my deck."

LOL! has been in a Mood since Friday morning when we told her there was no way her flight from Philly would get out yesterday. She dislikes cold weather & snow. Her flight was officially cancelled by 8pm on Friday and we've got her rescheduled to fly out tomorrow at 1:30pm so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Well, it looks as though we'll have a white Christmas this year - I'm hoping it's a quiet, calm & peaceful one too.


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

For you, I pray that your Christmas is quiet and peaceful. With all that snow, the noise will at least be muffled. I'm so glad you like snow.~~Dee

Brenda said...

good thing we didn't plan to have some hot chocolate at the airport.

Enjoy the sounds of silence. I always think of those lyrics when I go out in a snowstorm.

JessiKay89 said...


I'm glad that something so beautiful can give you such a sense of peace. Sometimes, it's the simple beauty of nature that our souls crave and need more than anything, and I'm glad you found something like that for yourself :)

Jo said...

Thank you Dee! Very much appreciated!

Good thing is right Brenda! (But then again, maybe we could have made our way to your place for the hot cocoa!)

Thank you Jess! It was incredible and while I was sad it didn't last longer, I am so thankful for moments of peace like that. And I do love & crave the Nature of seasons.

Cindy said...

OK...I'm wondering if your s-i-l's flight left today!

Jo said...

Yes, it did leave yesterday! We spent most of the day at Philly Airport waiting to make sure it took off - what a mess!