Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Baby It's (Not) Cold Outside

Well, another batch of Torrential rain & heavy winds has ended, we're flooded out all over the area (our street is closed as a result and because the traffic lights are out) and there are Christmas lawn decorations arse over tea kettle throughout a 5 mile area! (Had me laughing though, looks silly).

It's only 50 degrees but it's so humid, I've got windows open and I'm wearing a t-shirt & yoga capri's and I'm still breaking a sweat! (Sorry, tmi, I know).

It's colder in Florida right now where my lives than it is here in NJ.



Lori said...

Hey! You stole my title! I think we got your weather. The high for today is 25. It's supposed to be hot and humid in OK.

B said...

It's ridiculously warm here too considering 24 hours ago we had a fire blazing in our fireplace to keep warm!

Jo said...

LoL Lori! I didn't steal your title, it was in my head from the time I heard that song this morning in the diner for breakfast and I was sweating with my jacket & sweatshirt on! I'll trade weather with ya!

B, it's so crazy. Did you get any snow your way last week?

Lisa said...

Whereas it got up to 10 here today! With the snow, wind and cold, the kids will be on their third day home from school tomorrow.

Love the kitties under the tree!

Jo said...

I've heard on The Weather Channel Lisa! Yipes, stay safe & warm out there!

Thanks, aren't the looks on their faces priceless?