Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I hope everyone is having a safe & cozy evening! After being in and out more than we expected to be today, Hubb's set up his train under the tree early this evening, then we went to opposite ends of the home to wrap presents! Afterwards, we spent much of the evening on the couch, flipping channels (24 hours of A Christmas Story has begun on TBS, now it feels like Christmas Eve!), snacking, knitting (well, I was knitting), snuggling with the kitties and relaxing. A very contented evening! How about joining us? First you'll ride with us to a snowy beach (one of my favorite places) then home for Christmas at our place: (2 slide shows follow)


Lisa said...

Very festive! Sounds like you've had an excellent day. We've gotten snowed in and can't get to be with family but, to be honest, I'm enjoying the quiet time with my hubby and kidlets.

Jo said...

It was a good day Lisa! I'm sorry about your being snowed in but I'm glad you're enjoying the quiet time with hubby & the kids. That's what I'm enjoying most, the quiet of the day and counting my many Blessings!