Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Few Words

I wanted to thank all of you who offer kind & loving words of encouragement & support when I find myself in trying times. I hope at the very least I have done the same for you in return. Unfortunately, I know that happens quite often for me and I appreciate your tolerance & loyalty more than my words here could ever begin to tell you.

If, however, at any time, one person's reality becomes another person's drama & instead of feeling grateful that you don't have to live the way I do and you feel any kind of resentment towards me or disbelief in my words, please feel free to stop reading my blog. As I am honest with what I put out here on my blog, you should be honest with yourself as well. It's better that way for everyone.

Thank you for a few moments of your time this evening and I hope y'all are enjoying your Holiday season thus far!


The Frog Queen said...

Always love reading your blog....one of my favorite. You always come across as kind an compassionate to me :)

Take care!

Happy Holidays.


Brenda said...

Showing you some love, baby!

I always enjoy reading your blog. I am amazed at how much you share with us from your daughter's birthday to your story about 9-11 which had me in tears. I was thankful that you called in sick that day.

You are a great woman, and I loved seeing your tomatoes and your holiday decorations during the Halloween season.

I sympathize about your sister-in-law, and love your photos of the sunsets and your musical tunes that are always suitable to the season or mood of the blog.

The only thing that makes me sad about the blog is that I wish you lived closer by, so we could be more than cyber buddies! But, I did feel extra close to you the day you were at the airport, a mere 5 miles or less from my home.

Have a Merry Merry Christmas, and a breath-takingly beautiful new year!

Jo said...

Thank You both! You're so sweet and your kind words mean more to me than you can imagine!

Brenda, while we're dropping sis.in.law back at Philly Airport Saturday, we're not making a day of it again but next time we're heading down for the day, hopefully we can meet and I can give you a big hug!

I wish you both a glorious Christmas and Blessed New Year's!

Brenda said...

okay, you're on!

Cindy said...

Didn't know your sis-in-law was leaving this Sat.!! Whew! Big sigh for you; you made it!! :) Smiles!

(BTW, I love your blog too!)

Jo said...

Lol Brenda, it's a date!

Cindy, yes, she is and I'll be updating on here about that soon. Poor thing. I'm making it but just barely! (And thank you!!!)

Lisa said...

Glad you have just about reached the end of the sis-in-law ordeal. I know how much extra and unnecessary stress this has added to your life.

Jo said...

Thank you Lisa! Much of the stress will soon calm down but there's still going to be some as trying to make sure that things get taken care of for her in FL while we're up here in NJ isn't going to be easy but I'm glad she was here and we did get her to the doctor because we're telling all of their siblings & Dad what's going on with here and there's no excuse for not doing what needs to be done. Poor thing. My other sis.in.law has already begun the process for the assisted living facility thankfully. Medically speaking & overall, it is the best place for her to live regardless of what State (FL or NJ) she's in.