Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

A big Winter storm has started here and we're in the 12"-18" of snow fall area of it! I've already taken some lovely photo's of the Cardinals at the feeder out back which I'll post a bit later.'s flight for today out to Philly was canceled so we'll try again for Monday. Getting ready to go for a walk in the woods before the worst of this hits!


Lisa said...

If I don't have to go anywhere for a few days, I don't mind the snow. But a week after we got a foot of snow, there is still hardly room to get two cars up and down the residential streets and then I really grow to hate the snow.

Cindy said...

Jo...I am waiting for your pictures!! I am sitting at the kitchen table with the back door open right now! It is nice today....supposed to get up to about 70, but I just miss the snow; the peaceful feeling that comes with it for me! Hope you have a great weekend! Me...trying to finish up with all the Christmas to do's!

Jo said...

We've been upped to 18"-24"+! Hope you're both enjoying the day, we're in the thick of it now!