Friday, December 04, 2009

Promise of Snow

I took the top one from the front porch this afternoon and the bottom one from across the courtyard. Our skies have been promising snow for weeks. Our temps however have not been cooperative. Weatherman says there's snow in our forecast for tomorrow. Heck if Texas and New Mexico have had snow a total of 3 times already this week, we should get some here where it's expected at this time of year, lol! Course there should be a "significant" amount of snow up at our weekend place tomorrow (again!) but we can't get up there for the weekend since Hubby has appointments here at the complex and wouldn't be able to get around up there easily. (We can't move up that way soon enough! That's what I want for Christmas!)


Cindy said... looks cold!
Hope you've had a good week!

Lisa said...

They are talking about "significant" snow here next week. I used to love snow (except the walking to school). Now...not so much unless I'm home, my cupboards of full of yummy snacks and my hubby is home to scoop. Hate, hate driving in it; I do not like to have to slow down!

Lori said...

I hope it snows for you!

Jo said...

Cindy, it's actually been warm (for here in December that is).

Lisa, I don't mind driving in it too much, I just take it very slow. I love snow too much to let any of the not so nice aspects of it get me down, lol!

Thank you Lori, I hope it snows for you too!

No snow. 3 seconds of big flakes. Really Three Seconds. We live in the only county in NJ that didn't get snow. Seriously.