Monday, December 28, 2009

The Turning Of Year's

As 2009 winds down and 2010 beckons, the dreaded New Year's "Resolution" is beginning to nag & haunt at many! I've found I avoid calling any of my goals or plans for any given year "Resolutions" because I feel doing so dooms them before the start, no matter how good my intentions are to follow through with them.

My main things to focus on throughout the coming year (2010) are Writing Every Day, editing past manuscripts, Exercising and managing my time (instead of flying by the seat of my pants!) in addition to whatever my seasonal goals will be. These are both difficult things for me but it's a necessity that I become better with both of them. Also, I would like to re-read at least one all time fave book each month along with whatever new books I'm reading.

Way before vision boards became so popular, I used to create what I called vision or inspiration journals for myself. I'd take any images or words that struck something inside of me and pasted them into blank sketch books. I still look at them from time to time and I think it's something I should add to my "2010 To-Do List." I enjoyed it so much and it helped me a lot with my writing.

In finding a word to focus on throughout the year which would help with accomplishing overall goals (or resolutions) for the year, I picked "Simplicity" for 2009 (which I felt would bring "Clarity" which would bring "Harmony") and I feel I did well with that in 2009 and want to continue in 2010; keep simplifying myself, my life & our home and in doing so continue getting things organized.

So, my word for 2010 is

Additionally, my Winter (aka seasonal) goals are:
~Make sure I exercise at least every other day (and begin Yoga)
~Write Every Day
~Journal Every Day
~Read Every Day
~Narrow down & order my seeds
~Get caught up on my to-read shelf in the living room
~Get caught up on knitting projects
~Focus on our room (since the spare room is finished for the time being)
~Print 25 pictures out per month (at home or from the store)
~Get out whenever the weather isn't raining & nasty even if it's only to sit outside on the porch.

As for New Year's Eve itself, we're hoping to be able to get up to 'home away from home' and spend New Year's and part of the weekend up in the mountains. A peaceful, calm, quiet, 'at one with nature' start to the New Year, which I hope is indicative of the overall vibe for 2010! On New Year's Day I can't wait to see the outdoor hockey game on ESPN! (It's become a tradition for me, starting the year before last).

What are your plans for 2010?


Lisa said...

You're so organized on your goals. I'm hoping to just set a couple of resolutions this year. I think if I don't try to do as much, I can be successful.

Jo said...

Lisa, while I have many limitations as to what I can do (physically speaking), I don't feel as though I'm living to my full potential and I'd really like to try & remedy that in 2010, which is why I've already started writing things down like this so I can take a good look at what I want to accomplish and try to make it happen. I fly by the seat of my pants way too much and I'm not getting certain things done, things I really want to do with myself and my life. I have to try a new approach!

Jamie said...

Simplicity! I like that! Good luck JO! I can't wait to cheer you on this year! :)

Jo said...

Thank you Jamie! I can't wait to cheer you on too!

The Frog Queen said...

"narrow down and order seeds" - LOL! Tell me how you manage to do the "narrow down" part!! :D I always order more seeds than I can plant!!

Looks like you are starting out 2010 right!!! I have much to learn from you.