Monday, January 25, 2010

Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By!

On the personal front: Thankfully the flare-up which started this past Tuesday began slowly easing up yesterday. This one has been such a doozey, even surprising me! Hubby's usual comedic "bedside manner" was no where to be found (also thankfully!) and he was very kind & caring throughout, taking care of me. (That's the hard part - being taken care of).

On the technology front: Our computer went somewhat peacefully last night. I felt the end was near given the sudden glitches I was running in to and quickly copied what ever files I hadn't backed up yet before conceding defeat and pulling the plug. 8 or 9 years is a long life for a computer and we got more than our monies worth from it.

Oddly enough, while I was frustrated last night, I'm not freaking out about this. Am I thrilled to have to spend $500 the same week the pickup is going into the shop? Not so much. Perhaps had this happened before 5 consecutive days of excruciating pain I would be. It's all about perspective.


M.J. said...

I'm glad you're feeling better now, and good luck with the new computer.

Brenda said...

hang here, sweet Jo, spring is just around the corner and gardening and sunshine and you will feel much better. send hugs and more hugs your way.

Jo said...

Thank you M.J.! (I'm Loving this new computer! Going to take getting used to plus going through all of my old files from the old one, but that's okay!)

Thank you Brenda! You are just so sweet!!!

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your health problems; glad you're feeling better.

Cindy said...

Glad you're feeling better Jo!!
Check your mail...maybe you'll get a surprise by Friday!
Just because.....