Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Because

Hubby arrived home yesterday with these, my favorites, "Just because." And then we went to our favorite restaurant, "Just because."

For a few hours, I forgot all about the painful arthritis flareup I've been having since the day before ~ all because of "Just because." He's a wonderful man & a Blessing to me.

I'm still smiling, just because.


Brenda said...


;-) You are so lucky to have a just because in your life. I have one of those too, and it does make you feel appreciated.

Seriously, thanks for sharing. They are beautiful

Jo said...

Thank you Brenda! ;~)

Cindy said...

That man deserves a big ol' juicy kiss plus some!! :) Let's see how can I send mine a link to this blog post? Maybe he'd take a hint! Better yet, lets just have your best man email him some instructions!

Jo said...

Well Cindy, you can email him the following link if you'd like: ;~) And Vic got lots of kisses & hugs and "plus some" because of his just because (and the wine at dinner, LOL!). ;~)

Lisa said...

Not only did you get flowers "just because" but they're gorgeous!

Jo said...

They are Lisa! I love them!