Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Special Announcement: A New Creative Adventure

(The Journey)
As a result of the ever increasing popularity of unflattering NJ stereotypes (and my annoyance & disgust with them), for quite some time I have wanted to write about the NJ I know & love, but I haven't known or been able to figure out how to go about doing so & I became stuck on this topic.

On Friday of last week I began journaling about my photo's & idea's for them as my creativity seems to be flowing in that direction as of late. In continuing that journaling on Sunday, I came to a number of conclusions, one being that I would like to do a book of my photo's called "New Jersey Through My Eyes" and that's when it hit me: Show don't Tell. Telling people about the NJ I experience every day won't have the same impact as Showing people what I see and the best way I can do that is through my photo's.

Giddy excitement washed over me!

(The New Creative Adventure)
This revelation of sorts lead me to decide that I would create a new blog for my NJ "themed" photo's with the same name. I decided a blog would be a great beginning, a way of getting me started on this new creative adventure to help me find more focus for the overall project and most of all, share with all of you My NJ. I created my new blog on that same afternoon and have been tweaking it through yesterday while receiving feedback from a random selection of a few close friends.

And so this brings me to the here & now:
New Jersey Through My Eyes is up and running!
(click to go directly to the new blog)

You're all invited to join me over there and I hope you'll drop by from time to time. Diggin' Around will continue here as usual and occasionally you may find that I've posted the same photo here & over at the new blog, but I will try to avoid that as much as possible.

I want to thank everyone for their loving & supportive friendships! You all help make things like this happen out here in blogger-space through your kind words & inspiration. I love you all and am very grateful to have you be a part of my life and my creative adventures.

I am very excited about this, I don't think I can even begin to tell you just how much!

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