Saturday, January 02, 2010

Our First Saturday Of 2010

I hope the New Year is treating everyone well!

We awoke to snow on New Year's Eve morning and a sinus infection for the Hubb's, so we stayed here at home instead of heading up north.

Yesterday, New Year's Day, with him feeling better, we headed out to a local park for a long walk. (A semi-annual NY'sD tradition it seems). It was beautiful! Quiet, the only sounds were of trickling water and birds. (So many birds there, of all different types!) Then we returned home to each do our own things around the house. I watched the NHL Outdoor Classic (Philly Flyers vs Boston Bruins) while he flipped between old movies and Twilight Zone episodes. We were both reading at times and I was doing a lot of journaling throughout the day.

I had wanted a simple, quiet, calm, 'at one with nature' transition from 2009 to 2010 and I do believe I got just that despite not having been able to get to our place up north.

It's bitter cold here today and the wind is roaring. A few snow showers have passed through and the birds are in a flutter all over the place looking for things to eat. Thankfully one of the tenants threw away a Christmas tree on New Years Eve and Hubb's propped it up in the corner of our backyard later the same day for birds to use as a shelter - it has many chatty little residents already!

I awoke in a tremendous amount of pain this morning, coming from my lower back, I think, and radiating every where else. After a very slow start, I ventured out with Hubb's (at an equally slow pace I might add) to the bagel shop and Barnes & Noble where we were hoping to get our 2010 planners for 50% off with the gift card my cousin gave us for Christmas. We were able to get our planners (3 total; his, hers & apt. office) with the additional members discount of 10% off, for a grand total of $3.50! I'm very pleased! Last year there weren't any left at B&N and I had to pay full price at Staples (who doesn't reduce any planners or calendars).

On the way home, going through back roads, we saw the White Deer (aka pi-bald though since this one does have a few patches of brown, it's not a true pi-bald). We have seen it in months, since the summer. It's a Blessing to see one.

I was so glad to be back home with it being so cold and still in so much pain. I will probably end up lying on the floor at some point today as I did last Saturday to try and stretch my back out & give it support. Yes, it does help, more than I would have thought.

I'm still trying to get my thoughts in order for this new year. I don't remember the last time I was excited like this to begin a new year and I've had a bit of hyper energy as a result! I have squared a couple of things away reading goal wise so I'm making head way!

Where does this first Saturday of our New Year find you?


JessiKay89 said...

Jo, I always love reading your blog. I love how close you are with nature, and nature is one of the things I hold close to my heart. And you're always so positive! :)

This first Saturday finds me at home, relaxing with my family as the snow comes down outside!

Jo said...

Thank you so much Jess! You are such a sweetheart! Nature is one of my essentials, for sure! (And I do try to be positive as much as I possibly can - I have my negative moments for sure, but I try to get back to the positive as soon as possible).

Sounds like you're having my kind of lovely day today!

Lisa said...

You got a lot done for a gal that woke up in pain. I woke up fine and haven't even left the house today. Although now I have to venture clear downtown in falling snow--yuck!

Jo said...

Well, actually no Lisa, I didn't! The most productive thing I did all day was get out to B&N with Hubby. I spent the rest of the day sitting & lying down! Unless that counts as being productive, lol! There are just times when I don't want my limitations to get the better of me and I wanted to go out as planned & get this simple errand done. (Simple for most, of course has to be complicated for me, lol!) Since I wasn't sick with an infection of any kind, I figured I wouldn't be any worse for wear.

Jamie said...

I'm excited too about the New Year! It's nice to feel so optimistic for once about a new year!! This is going to be a great year for us!! :)

Jo said...

Yes, Jamie, it is! :-)