Monday, February 15, 2010


Snow & sleet are falling again.
A comforting, safe feeling.
Muffled, quiet but for the plane flying very low overhead.
Surprised to hear any planes at all, there hasn't been many flying over us of late.
Sad evening.
Two old beloved pups put to much needed rest.
Hubby & Nephew, heart broken.


Cindy said...

So sorry about the dogs Jo! They are just part of the family...I know. More snow? Wow! Hope you've had a good weekend! Back to work for me tomorrow. :(

Jo said...

Thanks Cindy! I felt so bad for Hubb's last night. Jack & Duke were once his when they were little before they went to Nephew. He wanted to be there when it was time but there wasn't time for him to get down to TX. I'm glad Nephew's wife was there with him & drove home though. He was in no condition to drive home from the vet.

Tammy said...

Oh no--I've been there a few times, and it's heartbreaking and spirit-crushing to lose a furry companion.

Jo said...

It truly is Tammy. When I had to have my old kitty put to rest year before last, it nearly killed me. It wasn't the first time I'd lost a pet (I'd lost a kitty the year before) but it was my first time going through that whole process and it was Horrible.