Monday, February 08, 2010

A Bit Of Good News On A Monday

I may be able to go back on home iv treatments! Happy Dance! I'll know soon.

Please don't misunderstand, having the treatment at the doctor's office wasn't a horrible experience by any means at all (my doctor and the nurses are wonderful people!), it's a convenience factor; I can't drive after an infusion and therefore someone has to drive me to & from the office whereas here at home, I don't have to worry about inconveniencing anyone (any more than I feel I do normally). When one lives with disease, it's not just an inconvenience & burden on that person, it can be to those around us (even though they love us and say it isn't). Anything I can do 'on my own' and don't need someone else to help me with makes me feel better about being me.

Oh and in weather news, we're going to get hammered by a "Nor'Easter Blizzard" Tuesday night through Wednesday. "So far" are in the 12"-18"s area of the map and looks like we'll get sleet again too. (That's the part I dislike!) It's supposed to be a "very significant storm." We'll see! (Maybe another round on Valentine's Day too).

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Brenda said...

that's great news. not the snowstorms but your IV at home.

I know what you mean about it burdening others. When my mom was sick and in the hospital for four months it turned our lives upside down. Even though you love someone, it does upset your normal routine. I am sure the people who love you don't mind helping you. Enjoy the snow.


Jo said...

Lol, I knew what you meant! Thanks Brenda!