Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Ground Hog's Day!

Good ole Puxetawny Phil has forecasted 6 more weeks of Winter which is fitting since we have 2 chances for snow this week!

Due to "temporary" insurance changes, I have to now have my iv treatments in the doctor's office instead of at home. (Even though my doctor wants me to have them at home to limit my exposure to other people (and therefore germs & infections) and I don't drive much at all anymore (because of my blurry vision & can't drive home from an iv treatment anyway) - Don't get me started! All I can say is after last week's experience with Medicare, I can say with complete confidence that I do not want an overall Government run health care system! I am all for reform, but let them fix (and expand) Medicare and Medicaid first and do that successfully and then we'll see).

Yesterday's first iv treatment at the doctor's office went alright. It was amazing to me that it took 3 people (2 nurses and my doctor) to get me all hooked up, monitor my vitals and unhook me when I was done as opposed to it taking 1 at home (my infusion nurse).

So not the most becoming picture of me, but that's me in the "infusion room" at the doctor's office yesterday. (Yes, I do look high and/or sleepy because I was! lol)

On our way home from the doctor's office, we pulled over after crossing the bridge because there was a sight neither of us had ever seen here before! Swans, 48 to be exact, along with seagulls, Mallard ducks & Brant ducks, all of which isn't unusually for this area, but 48 Swans?! It was awesome! (For me at least). We fed them with the snacks I'd brought with me for the iv in case I got hungry or too loopy from the meds and someone had left packaged food there which we gave to them also. 2 of the Swans were a mated pair and every once in a while did this beautiful nuzzling kind of dance. The Mallard's were all chasing one another (fighting) because it's coming time for them to get into mated pair's if they aren't already. (It was so funny to watch!)

I had so much fun in the 20 minutes or so we spent out here watching & feeding them. Definitely not an experience I would have had if I had my iv at home (because there would have been no reason for me to go out or to be in this particular area if I did). I'm very thankful.

For more photo's, go to NewJerseyThroughMyEyes.


Jamie said...

A few things:

1) Boo to Phil! I want Spring!! lol
2) Sounds like you had quite an ordeal yesterday. I was talking to my stepdad about your situation (he's in the medical field and has much knowledge about everything going on) and he says it is just absolutely WRONG that you aren't able to get what the doctor sees fit for you. He agrees with you. He doesn't believe that the govt. should control it but he believes that there are some things with Medicare and things like that that could use some reform.
3. Something I love and admire about you: Even though this whole iv treatment ordeal has not been a great experience, you are turning an aspect of it into a positive. I'm happy that you had your Swan experience! At least you can be thankful for the positives that come out of less than favorable situations!

Jo said...

Jamie, thank you (for your kind words and the smile they've given me) and in case I haven't said so lately, I love you!

sammy said...

it hurts my heart to hear of people dealing with stressful and confusing situations all while dealing with serious issue.

it is refreshing to hear your positive take on things in the midst of your troubles

Jo said...

Sammy, thank you so much for your kind words! Much appreciated!