Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Captain Phil Harris of the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch passed away yesterday. We are so very sorry for the Harris Family's and Cornelia Marie's loss. Our love & prayers go out to all of you, especially Jake & Josh. We love you Captain Phil and we'll miss you.

Discovery Mourns the Loss of Captain Phil Harris

A touching poem which seems to fit Captain Phil almost too well: The Fisherman Life


Lisa said...

We rarely watch Deadliest Catch but did catch the episode last year where he was hospitalized. I thought then that Captain Phil should probably get out of the business and take care of himself. So sad for his family.

Jo said...

We've watched from the very beginning and there's just something about the show we love. I'm not sure Phil had to get out of the business for his health, he did change some things after that first hospitalization but either it wasn't enough or there was more that could have been done so that he wouldn't have had a massive stroke at the end of January. Hard to say since we only know what's been on the show & so on. Very sad though. 53 is too young. But when you're lived your whole life one way sometimes there isn't enough time to change before something like this happens.