Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow-mageddon The 2nd, Jersey Style - The Photo's

Wednesday - What a Mess!

Thursday - Looks like snow but for the most part that's all Ice!

Friday - Ice Ice Baby...

With feeling a tad under the weather still from this head cold, I duplicated the slide shows from from here over at NewJerseyThroughMyEyes until I narrow down my faves to post.


Cindy said...

The 'ice on your garden tools' pictures are beautiful...just amazing pictures! Love them...they should be entered in some kind of photo contest I think. The snow always gave me a peaceful and calm kind of feeling!
Stay warm Jo!
and...Happy Valentine's Day!!

Brenda said...

Jo, Hope you feel better. Love the icy garden tools. Hope they defrost by Spring.

Gotta love the tushy shot! Have posted one in awhile.

Lisa said...

I'm not feeling so bad about how bad the weather's been here. Compared to you guys, we're sitting pretty!

Jo said...

Thank you very much Cindy! I definitely had another "snow is my yoga" moment late Wednesday afternoon while standing on the back patio. It was so beautiful and such peace & happiness washed through me. Happy Valentine's to you & Jeff too!!!

Thanks Brenda! LOL I was wondering if you'd catch the tushy shot!

LOL Lisa, bet you'd never thought you say something like that!