Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's In Your Morning Cuppa?

This is something I've been doing on Twitter as a way of sharing my favorite mugs and decided to start doing it here from time to time as well. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and usually my first Morning Cuppa is always some kind of tea. Coffee first thing triggers a migrane!

This is a fave mug, bought a couple of years or so ago at Pier One. (They have great mugs that don't cost a fortune). It reminds me of Spring and Summer. It has a crack in the lip so I'm babying it!

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Sarah said...

LOVE that mug!

Jo said...

Thanks Sarah! I do too, it reminds me of Spring & Summer. It has a crack in the lip so I'm babying it!

Lisa said...

I hate most of my coffee mugs. Most of them are mugs that my hubby picks up at conventions and such. So ugly. I might just have to go to Pier 1 and buy a few pretty one and tuck the ugly ones away for my son to use if he everrrr moves out again.

Jo said...

Lisa, another good place for Awesome mugs on the cheap, I just don't know if you have this out by you, is Marshalls/Home Goods. I got 2 mugs for $3.99 each and one that comes with a coaster/cover for $5.99 today!