Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let The Gardening Begin!

Well, almost.

Sorry for the tease!

It's still a wee bit too early to do much here but we've cleaned things up (again) after the last storm and things are coming back to life quickly, especially my Roses, Bleeding Heart, Butterfly Bush and Autumn Joy Sedum.

I did bring home 5 four packs of Pansy's day before yesterday (3 light purple, 2 deep dark purple) and tomorrow we're heading back to the farmer's market to pick up some more plus a Forsythia! (I'm so excited, I've wanted a Forsythia for Years!)

Oh, and it's a small world: The guy who runs the year round farmer's market up the highway from us is Hubby's (second) cousin! They both come from such large families that they're both meeting people they end up being related to.

But here's the Exciting reason for my post (exciting to all of you gardener's out there that is): Yesterday I picked up a Dinner Plate Contraste Dahlia for $2.99! They usually go for $10 and up around here. Happy Dance! I haven't had a Dahlia in my garden since 2007 or 2008, terrible I know. That one was similar to this though not a Dinner Plate and was more of a reddish pink in color. (Okay, maybe not so similar then, lol!) I'm stopping back there this evening to see what else I can dig up to bring home!

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faroutflora said...

sounds like you are close to starting. it is an exciting time...when those warm days start rolling in. Matti

Lizzi said...

That photo of the Dahlia is beautiful. I can't wait to see yours when it blooms.

M.J. said...

Yes, let the gardening begin!

Jo said...

It is exciting Matti! I just started seeds today! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Thank you Lizzi! I can't wait to share pics of the Dahlia when it blooms!

Indeed M.J.! lol