Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now Where Did I Put That Ark?

(Part of the mess that is now our basement floor). Today was a long day of more torrential rains which finally began taking their toll (again) late this morning. Sand bags. Shop-vac'g. Buckets. Digging a trench. Shop-vac'g. Shop-vac'g. You get the idea. Our basement's flooding (I took the pic above after Hubby's shop-vac'd it the first time) and water's coming in around the patio door (still, that started yesterday). But, it could be worse and probably is for a lot of folks in the area, so in essence we are lucky. I don't feel we can complain since we Knowingly live in an area with "drainage issues" though many others apparently don't feel the same! Nothing has been damaged so far in the basement - everything's up on pallets and shelves for the most part and the only kind of boxes we put on the floor are the plastic kind w/lids (and most of those are on pallets too). We're keeping our fingers crossed for the washer & dryer - they're not on pallets (though they will be soon). It's the most water we've had down there since we moved here in '05 & thankfully it happens infrequently. (Getting water in the kitchen? Way more frequent unfortunately). Thankfully the end of the rain is in sight!

I posted a couple of pics over at New Jersey Through My Eyes. I hope everyone makes it through this latest storm alright!

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