Thursday, March 04, 2010

Welcome Grand-Niece #12! and Tip Of The Day

Say hello to Cassandra Jade who's down in South Carolina. (2 more girls are on the way & there are 4 Grand-Nephews already!)

And now for something completely different! Tip of the day: If my blog (or any blog/web page) print and/or photo's doesn't look right to your eye and you have a scroll button on your mouse (on top of it between the left click & right click buttons), hold the Control Button on your keyboard down and at the same time scroll up & down w/your mouses scroll button until the print and photo's look okay to you. Blogger's Minima Stretch template allows me to adjust photo's to a larger size, so the photo's will be large regardless (especially panoramic ones which are much wider than most).

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Brenda said...

What a cute baby. Cassandra is the name of the heroine in the book I am reading, and the witch in Dark Shadows. Do you know that soap opera from re-runs? It was way before all this Twilight stuff, and probably more interesting.

Anyway, I digress.

I want to know how you get the pic with the title in it in your blog header. I wish I knew html!

Lisa said...

What fun! I love being a great-aunt! You get to play with babies and hand them back when they scream.

Jo said...

She's is a cutie! I don't know that soap Brenda! Sounds interesting!

Lisa, I'm a long-distance to most of our grandnieces & grandnephews unfortunately! (Or fortunately given the number of them, lol!!!)