Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Sometimes getting out of the house is better than staying in when you're not feeling up to par, so I decided to tag along with Hubby to one of the fishing beaches within minutes of home. It was already hot & sticky when we left but down here the on-shore breeze feels glorious! There have to be well over 100 people here fishing! (Gorgeous view, isn't it? That's a ship docked at the Naval Weapons Station to the left on the horizon & Hubby fishing).

A boy about 12 years old stood fairly close to Hubby and began watching & trying to copy Hubby casting so he could cast better. (Looks like the boy is just starting out). Hubby noticed and started talking with the boy. When Hubby caught a Blue Fish, he taught the boy how to reel it in by letting the boy reel it in on Hubby's pole (which they threw back). When one of them got another Blue Fish (I didn't see which one snagged it) Hubby helped the boy reel it in & taught him how to take the hook out & tie a rope to it for easier carrying (it's a Large fish) so the boy could keep it (because the boy said he wanted to). The boy thanked him and went on down the beach towards home.

None of the other men the boy stood near as he worked his way up the beach did so much as even glance at the boy. Is there any wonder why I love my Husband?! Watching that warmed my heart.

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Lisa said...

Reminds me of the story from the Bible about teaching a man to fish and he can feed himself always. That really must have made that young man's day. Really wonderful of your hubby to take the time!

Jo said...

It did make the boy happy! He ended up coming back before we left. An old gentleman stopped to tell hubb's he thought it was really great of him to take care of and teach the boy like that. He is a great man!

Brenda said...

that;s bizarre that no one said anything. i remember fishing for the first time. It was in LA off the pier, and there were tons of people. I threw my line and got TWO at once. All the little old black ladies were excited. I told them it was b/c I was a Pisces.

they agreed that it was the magic touch.

My girlfriend and I caught thirteen trout that day. I forget how many I actually caught but it was the most.

Everyone was so friendly too. They weren't tourists either. They were out there catching for their supper.

BTW, cute tushy shot of very kind and genuine man! Happy May Day!

Jo said...

LOL Brenda! I'd forgotten about the 'gratuitous tushy shots' :~) Unfortunately things have changed so much in this area; it's not as friendly as it used to be. Hurts my heart really.

Brenda said...

People aren't friendly like they use to be. Sign of the times?

My neighbor walked up the driveway, as slow as a snail, never looked at me, never made eye contact, and never said hello. Bizarrio!

Good for your husband being nice to that kid.

Cindy said...

What a great story to share Jo! Yes, you have one of the good ones!

To be able to verbalize your feelings like this is truly a gift! I just know that your husband knows.......he has one of the 'good ones' too!


Jo said...

Thank you Brenda! I thought so too!

And Cindy, thank you too! You're so kind!