Saturday, May 22, 2010

Honoring Those Who've Served And Gone Before Us

(My Hubbs pictured above).

Today, along with other members of our American Legion, VFW, Women's & Ladies Auxiliary Post and a Boy Scouts Troop, we headed to a local cemetery to put new American Flags on Veterans graves. This particular cemetery has 1,600 Veterans buried in it, dating all the way back to the Revolutionary era. I saw one Spanish American War Veterans grave as well as a number of Civil War Veterans graves. In roughly 3 hours, the hand-full of us from the Post and the Boy Scouts placed 500 new flags on Vet graves. Next year I would like to begin where we left off this year as I want to help with this again in the future. (This was my first time helping with the flags).

Indeed a true and humbling reminder that Memorial Day isn't about the weekend bbq's or sales.

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Brenda said...

yes, I am on the lookout for some mini-flags so I can put them on my dad's grave. Thanks for reminding me that it is next Monday!

time is passing too quickly.

Holli said...

What a very nice thing to do... I'm glad that you all went out and did that. And I bet it was interesting to walk around and see the headstones. I always like doing that.

Jo said...

This year Is passing too quickly, I couldn't agree more Brenda!

Thanks Holli! I'm very glad I did it too. I love walking through old cemeteries like this too. Always interesting.