Tuesday, May 04, 2010

To the Universe At Large,

Today is Mom's 70th birthday. I'd love to be able to wish her a "Happy Birthday Mom!" but to do so over the phone or in person will likely get me scoffed at and treated to a barrage of negativity. Mom isn't, to say the very least, a happy woman. (But, dear Universe, you already know that). And so I offer my "Happy Birthday Mom!" wishes to you, dear Universe, in hopes that one day a greater power will help her out of the dark and into the light (a power neither of us seem to have).
Sincerely & earnestly,

(We're heading over later with her gifts and a Boston Cream Pie, her favorite. She's passed on our breakfast/lunch/dinner invite at her restaurant of choice or here at our place).

*Update: Dear Universe, that was a great start! Thank you!
(We headed over to Mom's around 4pm. She was in a good mood and liked her gifts. At 5pm came home with us for dinner and her good mood continued. When I walked her home afterwards, she thanked me, told me dinner was very nice and she had a good time. WHEW!)


Cindy said...

Jo! I am so, so glad that you were able to have a NICE time with your mother! I know how difficult it is for you! I know you are smiling inside just to think you could maybe make her happy for a moment out of time!
Just remember, all these little attempts (though attempts seems like too light of a word to use, perhaps challenges, searching, seeking the answer, valuing her happiness....etc...etc..!) all these attempts you make to have a relationship with and to make your mother happy are not going unobserved! You are getting stars in your crown! It's going to be too heavy for you to carry one of these days....all the stars in your crown!

Love ya and thinking of you!


Your friend who is seeking

ami qui est à la recherche!

Have a great Wednesday!

Jo said...

I don't think you know how much your kind words mean to me! Thank you so much! Hugs & love to you!

Sydney said...

happy birthday to your mom! And she has great taste! Boston Cream Pie is my favorite, too.

Jo said...

Thank you Sydney! I love Boston Cream pie too - guess the apple doesn't fall from the tree, lol!