Monday, June 07, 2010

A Simple Act Of Independence

Right now, I'm unable to drive because my optical/aura migraines have returned with a vengence and I can go from seeing perfectly to, for all intensive purposes, blind in a matter of seconds. So with Hubby back at work (I mentioned that didn't I?), any where outside of walking distance requires a ride, usually from Mom. A frustrating place to be for someone my age, but there's nothing to do but make the best of it!

Today, I needed to get some things from the foodstore and didn't want to be dependent on anyone for getting to & fro. Luckily, there are 2 foodstores within walking distance of home and one had just about all I needed on sale so I grabbed a few re-usable totes and went.

On the way home, I realized just how much simple acts of independence elevate my soul and help to balance out the days when I'm unable to be fully independent, something all of us living with disease need so we can feel like more than our diseases & the burdens that can come with them.

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Kalanna said...

yay for reusable shopping bags! and what a fantastic reminder for people like me who work with people with disabilities. thanks Jo.

Jo said...


B said...

i hate that you're migraines are acting up! but yay for you for get out, you Lil Mrs. Independent you!

Jo said...

Thanks B! I hate it too! (Send those positive vibes my way to help me kick their arses outta here! lol)

TeamQuickBlade said...

sometimes i have to be forced into being more proactive in my life! i love that you grabbed your bags and just went. i get to dependent on my car sometimes and i forget that i have legs that work just as well!
sorry your getting those migraines back more frequent! i had my first one of those last month and it freaked me out! i didn't know what was going on just all of a sudden i couldn't read or see anything clearly!

Lizzi said...

It's amazing how much we (I) take small acts of independence for granted.

Glad to hear Vic is back at work too!