Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Musings

Our gorgeous niece and her handsome husband, married just this Saturday.
I'm still bursting with pride & love,
even getting teary-eyed looking through the pics today.
(Her brother is pictured in the previous post entitled,
"Friday Favorites").

It seems as though this is going to be a Summer of
Infamous Jersey Humidity.
It's been around for days getting to the disgusting stage yesterday.
Because of it, I walked out of a nursery yesterday
I even forgot the bag of soil I needed do so some re-potting for things I already have at home.
Today is just as sticky out as yesterday was but more cloudy with less sun.
Lots of haze again.
When the breeze comes it only covers you in the moisture from the air instead of bringing you relief.
Movements are sluggish.
Thinking is jumbled.
Breathing in is like sucking a too-thick shake through a straw.
Makes you dizzy & sick.
Thunderstorms bring no relief.

Bff Kath turned 40 yesterday.
We spent 4 hours together at her house,
(in the air conditioning)
talking and laughing.
That made up for getting sick at the nursery earlier in the day!

Next to impossible to get true peace and quiet in these parts nowadays.
Too many people, too much traffic in the air (there are 4 airports worth of air traffic over our heads every day) and on the roads in general, too much going on around the clock no matter the day of the week, too many houses, buildings and concrete,
not enough green.

I was talking with a friend this past Friday
(well, actually texting)
about how I'd love to pick up and move to a small town in the country "in the middle of no where"
but it's just not as easy to do that kind of thing as it once was.
I'm tired of the suburbs and the city (practically one in the same here in Jersey),
of the constant noise and frantic pace.
I've no illusions or delusions that "the grass is greener" in some small North Eastern PA or southern town,
but in many ways things would be more simple.
And truly quiet.

Someday we'll get there, I pray sooner than later.
is just so hard to manage when living in an area like this one.
And simplicity
is something I'm feeling the need for more and more of in all aspects of my life
as I'm getting older.


Brenda said...

My spot is a rancher on five acres in WV.

low property taxes too.

Holli said...

Glad you had some fun in that awful heat!

Lizzi said...

Well, I'd say come to AZ...I can give you dry (super dry), but it does come with extreme heat.

Jo said...

It's always nice when something good comes of something not so good isn't it Holli? :-)

I'd love to visit AZ but I don't think I could take the heat of summer on a regular basis no matter how dry it is, lol! I'm a 4 seasons kind of gal :-)