Sunday, June 27, 2010

Supporting Our Troops

It's been a long, hot, sweaty, rewarding day. Today the VFW Post, with assistance from our American Legion Post, hosted a "Welcome Home!" party for 143 Marine Corps Reservists home from Iraq and Afghanistan along with their families. Over 500 people not including Post members!

I suppose my 'official' capacity was photographer. (I created 2 photo collages of previous joint Post events for the bulletin board early this morning before we left). As things wound down mid-afternoon, I also helped with the garbage cleanup and breakdown, as did Hubby.

With temps that peaked here at 100 actual degrees (I don't want to know what the "real feel" or "heat index" was) along with the humidity everyone stayed hydrated, took breaks by going inside the Post and no one got sick, including me! (I don't usually do well in this kind of extreme heat). Though a great day, I was so happy to be home this evening in the cool air conditioning!

I've been called Mame more times than I can count today as Marines are very (Very) respectful and polite. Coming from them, it makes me smile. But my Marine was still the best looking one out of all of the Marines I was surrounded by today, hands down! (Really, it's true - he didn't pay me to write that).

I'm so proud of my husband, my Marine, 1st Vice Commander of the AL Post, for all of the hard work he put into helping set up this event yesterday and today.

Lastly, I want to say Thank You USMC NJ 6th Battalion Motor Transport for your Service and Welcome Home! I hope this has been as good a day for you and your families as it has been for us!

Now it's time for bed and up early tomorrow for my iv treatment (in the doctor's office - due to new insurance, we can't afford the in-home treatment). Sweet dreams!

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