Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Favorites

A list for this post:
-Love and prayer.

-My husband, my hero (yet again). Words cannot describe the love and appreciation in my heart. Had he not acted when he did, knowing something was seriously wrong with me (when I didn't know), I would not be here and that's no exaggeration.

-Being home instead of in the hospital. I always appreciate our home after being away, but I never wanted to be home more than I did after Hubbs would leave when visiting hours were over in the evening at the hospital.

-My mom. She's driving me crazy by literally following me around the house when ever I move around, lol! I'm thankful for her help since getting home. (Though it makes me feel bad to be 35 and having my 70 year old mother taking care of me!)

-My friends. My bff's and all of you out there in cyberspace; Your kind, loving & supportive words, cards and gifts mean the world to me and are helping me get better each day. I especially couldn't have gotten through the nights in the hospital without your texts. (The nights were so hard this time around - I don't know why).

-My kitties. Their sweet little faces & personalities bring a smile to my face and heart. It seems as soon as I start feeling down, one of them is by my side, purring & lifting my spirits.

-My garden. I'm sad that during the last heat wave, while I was in the hospital, my Pacino Sunflowers, 'Oranges & Lemons' Blanketflowers and Zucchini vines became casualties of the extreme heat & direct sunlight. I missed my Butterfly Bush in full bloom and the first two Early Girl Tomato's. My Lavender isn't doing so hot but should hopefully survive this heat wave. I know it's all part of gardening but it still makes me sad. But, my Autumn Joy Sedum is beginning to bloom and there's a flurry of bee activity as a result which makes me happy.

-Simple yet fresh food. I'm not eating a lot by any means yet (and I've lost over 11lbs since this began - don't worry, that's a good thing, I need to lose at least 30 more) but the food at the hospital was either so bland it had no taste or it was disgusting. At home Hubbs has been making dinner every night and the man can Cook!

-Reading. I can't focus for too long as of yet but books are always such a comfort to me. Even my favorite magazines are a comfort. (Artful Blogging, Country Living, Country Living British Edition).

-Using this down time to learn. However, I'm trying to learn Photoshop 7 and it's making me quite cranky, lol! (What a process just to get rounded corners on a cropped photo! Sheesh).

I hope you're all having a great Friday!


Brenda said...

Hey there's my morning glory!
Glad to read your long post and see that you are doing much better. Enjoy you 70 year old mother taking care of you. There is nothing like mom when you don't feel well.

Keep resting and getting better.

My garden is looking bad too. My poor Asiatic lillys just wilted on their stems.

My tomatoes are so full of leaves and very very few tomatoes.

Oh well, there's always next year.

Take care!

rainbowsoffaith said...

Love ya Jo! :)