Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sabatical Update

I am finally home, arrived later Friday evening. I still have the kidney drain in because my left kidney is still stick and on the mend so I am home bound for 2 weeks until I go back for them to check my kidney out down in Radiology, make sure it's functioning properly and then they'll remove the drain. They've decided to leave that tiny kidney stone alone because it is so microscopic and another procedure would only put me at risk for exposure to more bacteria and none of my doctor's want that. More home rest and antibiotics to follow that as well and possibly some physical therapy to help regain my strength. Wow, by the time all of this is 'over,' July will be gone!

Leaving the hospital and coming home was a little overwhelming, a feeling I've had before after leaving the hospital and it's difficult to explain. I'm a little afraid being home (after what I've been through this last week I'm surprised I'm not in a terrified stupor, lol!) and I'm prone to crying at the drop of a dime, but I'm so glad to be home!

I'm also so thankful for my husband, mom and friends! You've all been so wonderful throughout this with me and your loving support means more than I could ever begin to tell you so I want to thank you. Words across the internet or to a cell phone are the same to me as being wrapped in a comforting hug. Thank you!


Lisa said...

I'm sure that it was a little scary to go home and be away from all of the medical care, particularly since you knew that you might not recognize if things got worse. So glad that you were able to get home and are on the mend!

Kalanna said...

Welcome home Jo! I had no idea and wondered what a couple of your FB messages meant. You have my prayers. Let the tears come when you feel them. At least I found that to be easier in the long run. So happy that you are safe. Hugs and kisses, Adrienne

dragyonfly said...

Hey Jo, WOW!! Glad to see you are out of the hospital! So sorry to hear you have been ill. I obviously am behind on my blogs and such so I had no idea. I hope you mend quickly and get back to your normal chipper self. Im glad your hubby is so smart and has that special sense to know when something is not right. Kudos to him!! Most men are clueless about stuff like that. Keep us posted.

BookGirl78 said...

YAY I'm so relieved you are home. I'm so worried about you all weekend, so I'm glad to see you posted an update. I'm praying you'll mend and be back on your feet soon.

Jo said...

Thanks so much gals! I'm so very glad to be home too and I am so very thankful to have all of you in my life and for your loving support throughout this ordeal, it means the world to me and is helping me more than you can know! Thank you!

And yes deb, thank God Hubbs acted when he did. He's a great man and I thank God for him every day. He's saved my life now in more than one way. He's amazing!