Sunday, July 18, 2010

Simple Sunday Pleasures

In an attempt to keep myself from sliding further into a funk that started yesterday, (I've had it with being sick and tired, being stuck w/needles, iv's & tubes, having tests, taking meds and feeling like crap - Had It!) I'm taking a few moments to appreciate some of the simple pleasures I'm enjoying this Sunday (via another list):

-Watching CBS News Sunday Morning, something I've done and enjoyed for many years now on Sunday mornings when I'm home.

-Laying around with Hubbs, watching bad movies and laughing.

-Seeing the smallest Carolina Wren I've ever seen in my garden out back when I got up to get myself some lunch. What a sweet looking little bird!

-My pumpkin spice candle from last Autumn, such a yummy and comforting scent. (Walmart's Mainstays candle collection).

-Catching up on my magazines; Country Living, Country Living British Edition, Starting From Seed and Artful Blogging.

-Watching my new guilty pleasure show, The Fabulous Beakman Boys online. (Hopefully they'll put the full ghost episode on Planet Green's site soon since Hubbs flipped channels so much yesterday I missed the end of it! Gr!) *Update: This episode (The Haunting Of Beakman Farm) aired again this evening and I got to watch it, beginning to end. A dose of Autumn & Halloween is just what I needed to lift my Spirits!

-Giving myself a home pedi yesterday which I touched up today & having my metallic blue-green polish back - my signature happy toes color has been some kind of metallic blue for many years now. Seems to go well with my skin tone and when I'm tan. (Before yesterday they were a dark maroon color which was nice but not me).

-Fresh brewed (yesterday) decaf white & green Sun Tea. Fresh brewed iced tea is on my list of allowed fluids. I've reached my tolerance for water (after drinking 7 bottles of it a day since getting home from the hospital - roughly 49 bottles - thankfully we can get back to using filtered tap water once this is over, the bottled water was just easier given my circumstances) and can't stand the thought of drinking another drop of it!

-Having a salad made of greens from my own garden along with a yellow beefsteak tomato from a local market with Italian dressing & craisins. My first salad since last month!

What simple Sunday pleasures are you enjoying today?


B said...

after our 5.5 hour trip back from jekyll island on saturday, everything i did that didn't involve driving was peaceful on Sunday ;)

we ran some errands and once we were back home, we had salmon and arugala salad and watched the most boring indie flick eva! but it was bliss...

rainbowsoffaith said...

Love the nail polish color Jo. :)

Tammy said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better, and I love your list! Best of all, I love your toe color!!

Jo said...

Thank you for sharing B! There's such comfort (and even beauty) in the mundane (like errands) after certain times.

Thanks Heather!

Thanks Tammy! Long time so 'see'! Thanks for stopping by!