Tuesday, July 20, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

My sweet friend Jess over at Tangled Up In Blue has tagged me to share photo's of a few of my favorite things, though I'm doing my favorite things around our home, not just in our/my room. (And I'm doing 7 things instead of 5!) So here we go, in no particular order:

As most of you who read my blog know, I love love love Halloween and these delightfully spooky treasures stay up, year round, above our living room windows. (As does that snow man actually!)

Another thing most of you know about me is that I love love love snow and this is my collection of snowy paintings & pictures which hang above our computer desk in our room, most of which are set in the country. Most of these I've picked up in thrift shops over time or framed myself.

This is Hubbs, at the tender age of 19, within his first year of being in the United Stated Marine Corps. He looks Nothing like this now and sometimes it's hard for me to believe it's really him, but I've been assured by his parents and siblings it is, lol! This hangs in our living room with some other Marine Corps items of his by our front door.

In that tiny fishbowl looking vase at the top are the dried flowers from our symbolic wedding ceremony which we had down in FL for Hubbs' parents before our wedding here in NJ and before his Mom passed away in 2005. Underneath the dried flowers are shells and sand from Madeira Beach FL, a day trip we took during that visit to his parents. This sits atop our entertainment center in the living room.

My all time favorite books! Need I say more? (On the "hers" shelf of the matching "his & hers" book cases on either side of the mantle in the living room).

Some how I've managed to hold onto this quote for many, many years now and recently framed it to make sure it sticks around for a long time to come. I love this quote and couldn't agree more with it. (And, of course, I love that snowy tree too!)

This is Hubbs' family cabin in The Endless Mountains of PA, a place we sadly can't get too very often anymore (it's been 2 years since our last visit) and a place where I've never felt more peaceful, content and happy in my life. When it's time to lock the door behind us to come home, I cry every time, like my heart's breaking. It's truly "God's Country" up there. It's glorious there any season of the year, but I think Autumn is my favorite because of the gorgeous foliage colors and the scents of wood smoke & apple cinnamon in the air.

Now let's see, who's "it" next? I think...
~H over at Rainbows Of Faith.
~B over at The Nabors Baby.
~G over at I Hate Writing.
~K over at Butterfly Confidential.
~L over at fever.
(No worries and no pressure gals! Thought this was fun and that you might think the same).


JessiKay89 said...

Thanks for doing this, Jo! I loved everything you picked, and I liked getting to know you better :) And definitely don't worry about tweaking it--I figured it'd probably be easier for you and others to do things from around their house.

rainbowsoffaith said...

Hi Jo,
I don't mind one bit! Love this. I'll have to post 5 or maybe 7 or even gasp I might find 10 things. I like the ones you posted. The pics of hubs is great. He is handsome.
How's your morning going? Miss you lots!!!!

krysandlucky said...

YAY!! You keep your halloween stuff up? I would *LOVE* to do that. I have the Spooky Village that I've slowly collected over the years and I absolutely love when Oct 1 rolls around I get to pull the pieces out.

Thanks for stopping by. This whole ordeal has been a huge test of my patience. :)

Jo said...

You're welcome! I imagine it has been a lot to deal with and hope things are getting better. Yes, I do keep Halloween stuff up year round, but only the 5 items I showed in this post. I like how they're placed above the windows, don't have anything else to put there & oddly enough they don't seem to stand out until Autumn arrives! (Though they do give me a smile when I look at them).

Great Heather, can't wait to see your post! And thank you, I agree, my hubby is handsome! He's aged well, very well since this pic :-)

You're welcome Jess! I really enjoyed it and thank you for tagging me - this was a fun distraction for me right now! I liked getting to know you better too!

Lora said...

I love these types of posts. As soon as I get my camera working again I'm game! I've done a few of these before and I like how it makes you appreciate what you have even more!

Jo said...

Yay, I thought you would like this Lora! Looking forward to your post.

Bren said...

I just found you on twitter! I love your photo shares. I enjoy taking photos from the garden too. I hope you will stop by my blog sometime!

THANK your hubby for serving our country! Bren

Lizzi said...

Are you a flower keeper? I have a big glass cookie jar that I keep the dried flowers (now just petals) I've received in - from funerals, weddings, Valentine's Day... Some of the petals are turning to dust, but that's okay.

Vic looks so young there! I think I've seen that photo in some of the photos of your living room and I always figured it was a nephew!

Jo said...

Hey Bren! Thanks for stopping by! (And I'll pass along the thanks).

I am a flower keeper Lizzi! I have dried flowers on my bookcase from, have them in jars around the house and they're from the same things! (And my garden of course).

Vic's only maybe 19 in that pic! :-)