Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(Said in a hushed whisper: "This is my Favorite favorite flower in my garden right now, a Brown-Eyed Susan that's appeared out of no where!")

(Said in a hushed whisper: "This (dinner) was the extent of our 4th of July celebration this year as I ended up sick later this night, all day on the 4th and in the hospital on the 5th. Photo taken before dinner with our neighbors.")

Head over to New Jersey Through My Eyes for "Catching Up - Summer 2010," a new slide show of photo's.


TeamQuickBlade said...

love the flower picture! it is so pretty! sorry the day ended up not so great! hope you are feeling better now!

Jo said...

Thanks Faith! It's been a long month of recovery (which still isn't over unfortunately) but I am getting better each day!

Brenda said...

Hey, sugarplum. Hope it is good news today.
How are you feeling. And, I love that photo. Beautiful. Looks like a water color.

B said...

i wish i had a plate at that table ;)
thanks for all your genuine, sweet comments!
you know i just lurve you!

Jo said...

Thanks Brenda!

There's always a plate or room for you at either of our homes for you & yours B! You know I just lurve you too! :-)